On the east end of Water Street, there is a small building, dwarfed by the recent adjacent developments that have occurred in the neighborhood, that has been located there for over 80 years.  Initially, one of the first gas stations in the city of Milwaukee, the use of the building has changed from time to time, but always retained its charming look of a transported English cottage.

It is in this building that a group of restaurant owners decided to embark on the creation of Gordo’s - a burger and taco fast casual restaurant that will serve great food and ice cream, as well as beer and margaritas, and provide a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the vibrant neighborhood.  The design respects and showcases the original steep gabled building, but adds a new pavilion structure that will become a three season dining facility.  With a simple form and industrial materials, the pavilion adds new contrasting element to the composition of the existing buildings, and adds to the texture of this diverse neighborhood.